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Karisma, a pretty brown tranny with incredibly hots shapes. She is friend with another ladyboy who is pretty thin but still very good. In the back yard the two friends bite a head in the pool and then a sunbath just by the pool. The skinny little ladyboy asks her girlfriend to put sunscreen on her body.

Sunscreen, massage and handjob

Karisma coats the cream in a very sensual way on the little naked body of his friend. It begins with the back and the caress gently by pressing a little and the little tranny moans a little because of the pleasure felt by this caress. The hottie continues her little massage on the front while the young girl turns. She gets cream on her chest and the big shemale sluts down the nipples of this small and insistent mass. Then she licks these very firm melons by wandering her hand in the bottom of the jersey of this pretty ladyboy. She finds a pretty little tail that hides timidly there. This slut of Karisma sucks the small end of cock all red and sucks this small tail to give it a little volume. Then, the young tranny starts to jerk the ass of her partner who arches to masturbate.

For mutual enjoyment

The two friends embarked in a super hot practice by the pool. The mutual wank continues as long as Karisma puts her girlfriend upside down and pumps her dick. And the other ladyboy also pumps his cock back. The part of 69 is undertaken with these bombassas and they do it at the same time that they move the ass also with even more satisfaction. Both partners are close to ejaculation and continue to suck in deepthroat and the bomb ejaculates in the mouth of his partner while the skinny ladyboy has just flowed all his cum when his girlfriend caressed him at the end .

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